One of the tricky things about parenting a Cranio baby is the paranoia you experience every time they cry randomly. For a split second (or longer) every time you wonder if it’s because they have a headache or if there’s a more normal baby reason – like teething!

So far for us it’s always been the more normal reason thankfully, but it’s hard especially as Billy is our first so we have no comparison for his development.

Sometimes you wonder for a moment what it would be like not to have to worry about the Cranio and be able to parent ‘like normal’ but that soon passes and you carry on with your day.

So far the Cranio doesn’t seem to be causing any health problems for Billy, he is desperate to be able walk, is starting to babble more and is a bright, happy boy.

As he gets older his typical Sagittal Synostosis head shape does grow more pronounced, some of his clothes now have cuts round the neck to enable them to stretch over his head and finding a hat that fits him is nigh on impossible, but for the moment the doctors are confident his brain has all the space it needs so we shall wait and see what the next hospital appointment brings.