We have an operation date!

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We have a date for Billy’s corrective operation at John Radcliffe. It’s 8th of November which is a little earlier than we expected it to be being only 2 weeks after his first birthday (he’s 11 months old today, where has that year gone?!), but its really good to finally know when it’s going to happen as its been ‘at some point in the future’ for as long as we’ve known he was going to need surgery which is pretty much all his life so far.

Now it’s just a countdown to the date, arranging extended leave with work and hoping that everything will go well.


A red nose and a bottle top

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Billy had good fun today playing with an old Red Nose and the lid from one of his bottles. In a happy coincidence the Nose fits snugly in the lid and thus provided a good half hour of entertainment as he sat putting it in and taking it out over and over again.


Tidying up can be fun!

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Today Billy and I had good fun sorting out his toy box that we keep in the lounge. Slowly over time all sorts of bits and pieces have ended up in there and it was overflowing. We tipped it out, sorted it into things that should and shouldn’t be in there.

Double result of a tidy toy box and a few hours entertainment!

Cool dude!



My cool dude wearing Daddy’s (unplugged) headphones and loving it!

Teeth are dangerous things!


Apparently having teeth and learning to walk is a bad combination!

Billy took a tumble yesterday at nursery while he was trying to move round a table. The table came off better. Our little guy has a swollen patch on the right of his top lip where he connected with the table an his teeth went into his lip.

Doesn’t seem to be bothering him though, after a cold compress at nursery he went back to playing and while he’s been a little quieter than usual today he’s still eaten his dinners and been our bright happy boy it’s just meant mummy’s had a few more cuddles on my Billy day before I go to work again tomorrow.

I love our baby monitor

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I love you oh baby monitor
With your night vision screen
You let me peep in at
Billy asleep.

I especially love you
those days I work late
Thus missing bedtime and Billy awake.

You let me see him
All snuggled up tight
Fast asleep and dreaming
Sweet dreams for the night.


First day of nursery

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Today was Billy’s first day at nursery and he did brilliantly. He was such a good boy, ate all his dinner, had two naps and played well ( even if he did try to eat someone else’s malt loaf at snack time!)

Thankfully I didn’t have to do drop off this morning my wonderful husband did that (as will be our usual routine) and I did pick up. Billy cried when he saw me when I went to collect him but was all smiles pretty fast. It seems so weird to leave our little boy with someone else like that but I think all in all he enjoyed himself.

Hopefully it will all seem a little easier tomorrow (for all of us) although I’m not convinced.