Happy Birthday Billy

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Hard to believe it but our gorgeous boy is 1 today! Seems like the year has flown by so very fast. He was a very lucky boy and was spoilt rotten by our lovely friends and family.
Happy birthday Billy, mummy and daddy love you very much.


A slight change of plan


Found out today that there has been a slight change of plans with Billy’s operation. Unfortunately it can’t go ahead on the date we were originally given as one of the anaesthetists on the surgical team has needed surgery himself.
I hope he has a speedy recovery and that he feels better soon, from the little I know it sounds like it was a horrible surprise for him and I wish him all the best.
This means we now have two new potential surgery dates – 15th November if an anaesthetist is on board by then or 3rd December if it needs to be later in the year.

Sparkle Boy!

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Today at nursery Billy played with glitter paint for the first time and he loved it!

They put the glitter paint out on big trays and let them get stuck in! Despite wearing a head to toe apron he still managed to get glitter all down his top and liberally smeared his face.
By the time I picked him up most of the evidence was photographic but he still had some glitter in his ear and across his eyebrow. Very punk rock! or possibly Barbie I’m not sure which….