I think I’ve said this before, but I just want to let people know this post has been written by Dad, so be nice!

As is the case with almost every visit to a hospital, plans change. As has been my experience, every time the plan changes, people say that this is definitely the new plan and everything will be the same from this point on. Until something changes. I just wanted to chronicle some of the changes to the plan that can happen in one 12 hour period.

There was some uncertainty as to what they would actually be doing for him. First they were saying they would operate on his forehead as well, then they said it wasn’t too bad, then they said they might still need too. In fairness, they have always said the exact outcome if the operation will depend on what they find when they are doing it.

We still don’t know if there’s a free high dependency bed for him so the whole thing still might not happen.

They called us really early saying ‘we usually talk you through things before you meet the doctor to go through the risks and nasty stuff and you’re booked to see him at 11, but he’s decided he wants to meet you at 8am, so can you be at the ward for then?’

This evening we went down to the main ward to admit him over night only to be told they don’t have a bed they think would suit him there and can we take him up to our room whilst still coming down to get some medication he needs the night before the operation.

I really want to point out that every member of staff has been amazing so far, and each one has helped us through the changes and given us what we need to keep going.

I’m starting to get a bit nervous, and the changes aren’t helping, I’ll admit that. My wife is saying I’m just being crabby. It’s a fair point, i probably am. Still, I’m usually someone who is happy to live without a plan, but this time I’ll admit I’m worried something will slip between the cracks in the normally seamless machine created by the sudden changes in temperature and direction.