Billy is 2 and a half now and (possibly biased mummy moment here) absolutely amazing. He’s growing up so fast it doesn’t seem real sometimes but with that comes some incredible things like the ability to have a ‘proper’ conversation, to watch as he makes up little games with his toys or ‘flies’ around in his pretend helicopter having first put on his (imaginary) hat and coat.

He needed new shoes last week and so proud walking out of the shop in the new shoes he had chosen (a rather funky green and red pair) it was lovely to see. He couldn’t wait to show them off at nursery either!

He is like a little learning sponge at the moment adding more and more complicated words to his vocabulary and chattering away in full sentences – he really is a proper chatterbox! We’ve also started to ‘teach’ him some letters by playing with foam letters in the bath – they are really fun, just get them wet and you can stick them to the bathroom tiles (and as Billy discovered to himself!) So now when we are out anywhere and we walk past anything that has a B on it we get a delighted cry of ‘look B for Billy!’

We’ve also started with the dreaded Potty Training and so far he’s doing really well. We’ve been following his lead and have taken a fairly ‘soft’ approach to it so far in that he is still in nappies but he is encouraged both at home and at nursery to use the potty regularly. He’s a fair way off perfect but I think he uses it about half the time now and is starting to get pretty good at asking for it himself rather than being reminded (the special pot of ‘Potty Sweets’ that he gets to choose from may have something to do with this!)

So that’s us, as we are now and life is pretty good. I’ll try not to leave it so long between updates next time!