Billy received his first ever Birthday Party invite this week from one of his friends at nursery. The party was on Saturday and he had an amazing time playing outside on a bouncy castle with his friends. In fact he was enjoying himself so much that it was hard to get him to stop bouncing and eat some of the huge array of party food the hosts had provided!

Today Billy’s Grandma and Grandad came for a visit and he loved seeing them as he always does. He was so excited waiting for them to arrive he went to the front door several times to check if he could see them coming! He had a lovely time in the garden with everyone and liked the snails we found although he wasn’t so keen on the slugs.
Grandma and Grandad were treated to a viewing of Billy’s current favourite TV show (Charlie and Lola) and Grandad was put in the naughty corner for stealing Billy’s bear! (he was allowed out again when he said sorry 🙂 ) Just goes to show how much they really do pick up on from us! On that note Billy picks up random stuff to – today he was playing with his ‘trusty sword’ (imaginary). No idea where he got that phrase from – must be nursery 🙂