Billy has had another check up at John Radcliffe and the team were pleased with his progress, his head is growing as it should and has maintained a good shape – even if it a little pinched still at the sides of his forehead.

He did well with the pre-school speech and language assessment to especially as he’s on the young side for them doing it – but we won’t (hopefully) need to back until after he’s started school in 2016 so he had it this visit! He found irregular verbs a little tricky (ran/run etc) but got most of the rest!

One interesting thing that came up was that no one seems to make specialised bike helmets for Cranio kids which I found surprising so if anyone does know of anywhere that was really helpful with a customised bike helmet do let me know!

The team at John Radcliffe were amazing as ever and I can’t thank them enough for their brilliant work and support.