A whole year off!!

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We had a week of visiting hospitals last week as Billy had his four month post-op check for his head at John Radcliffe in Oxford and a check on his kidney in Southampton.

Good news in both cases 🙂 the craniofacial team at the JR are really pleased with him, his head is now within normal parameters and we don’t have to go back for two years! Think I may have done a bit of a goldfish impression when they said that but past cases suggest that as Billy has no problems now they won’t develop in the next couple of years (skull wise anyway!) so in the words of his consultant ‘there’s no point us coming in just to say hello’ we can still call if we have any concerns obviously.
Southampton General also pleased with Billy’s kidney. The ultra sound showed that the kidney that had the blockage is still a bit larger than his ‘normal’ one but that was expected and its no longer messily dilated and causing problems, so back in a year the check on progress there.

That means a whole year without a hospital appointment (hopefully!) It’s taken a while to sink in but now it has it feels great!


Good news about Billy’s kidney

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Had a check up with one of Billy’s consultants today and it’s good news regarding his left kidney. According to his latest test results the operation to remove a blockage seems to have worked. His kidneys are now equal in function and the dilation has reduced.

He needs another check up in March but for now, success!